Episode 95-3: Where’d he come from and where did he go

Episode 95-1

Videos are the show stopper. An overwhelming flow of life giving juice.

Episode 95-2: A Round of Applause


The picture says it all

Episode 95-1: Headlines

Episode 95

Started this off a bit different. Is there a foreign voice?

Episode 94-3 Videos

Episode 94-3

Don’t drink, hit the bong, a handy can wake you up, puns, speech impediments, and the emotionally unbalanced. Enjoy

Episode 94-2 Headlines

Episode 94

This edition of Headlines is fucking epic. From Murder to Porn, to murder porn. Sit back and strap in, cuz this a journey.

Episode 94-1 Blacked Out Again


Things escalate rather quickly as we recap Alex’s activities from the previous day. Jacob Hamel joins us once again, and some Pizza talk goes terribly wrong. Shortly thereafter the wheels nearly come off until James corrects the course. Be sure to check out 1bluntradio and thatonepothead.com

Episode 93-3 Videos

Episode 89-3

The Vagrants do the video segment, with a little less structure and a lot more chaos as we finish out one of the odder shows. Keep an eye out for our secret 4th segments from the last few shows, they will be available soon.


Episode 93-2 Conspiracies (Part 2)


We continue down the strange road we began in part 1. We attempt some levity, only to be drawn back into the bizarre.

Episode 93-1 Conspiracies (Part 1)


Jeremy Benton joins the Vagrants for an off book kind of show. Conspiracies are the order of the day, and not the ones most people would expect. Of course there is some alien talk in there, but convex Earth and James Holmes? A light sprinkling of videos to elevate the mood.

Episode 92-3 Playing the Trump Card


We glaze over a video or two and then discuss the merits of Donald Trumps presidential run. Be sure to check in for next weeks show when we decide to really break format and discuss some conspiracy theories, should be some good conflict there.