Episode 84 Finding Bobby Picket

For the third time in a year one of the Vagrants found his way into police custody. This time around, a potential discovery was made with respect to why Kevin seems to get the shit end of the stick from the local authorities. The usual fanfare follows. Enjoy episode 84

Episode 83 The Beating Continues

Zac Maas handed us a 13 page rider before he would agree to join us this week. All it said was “The episode must include further readings from James’ journal” over and over. While James was able to hold some ground last week, he was reduced to a shivering pile of humiliation on Episode 83

Episode 82 – ProDouchEr

We know that you are all awaiting the release of part 3 from the Jake Browne episode, but that will have to wait. This week our producer, James, handed over a notebook filled with his musings from adolescence. Discomfort would be the best way to describe his savage beating. There may be more to come. So, as you come down from your “Easter” high, let the douchery envelop you… Episode 82

Episode 81 (Part 2) What

In part 2 we hit the headlines, and it ends in a way that catches our guest off-guard. Prepare thyself for The Continuation

Episode 81 (Part 1) Jake Browne

We have come back strong. Sadly D couldn’t attend this one, but Jake Browne could. We went really long,but each segment was funnier than the last thus this episode will be released in 3 parts over the next 3 days. Segment one features an amazing beatdown. Enjoy Episode 81

Episode 78 Kristin Rand

Kristin Rand joins the Vagrants for a very special MLK-Day episode. Guess the race returns for a one-time visit. Headlines seems to continue in a similar vein, not to mention videos. Be sure to check out Kristin in and around Denver, she dominates the web… It must be nice to be the top google search when one inputs your name… Episode 78